March 30

How did New York Cope Before the Ghostbusters?

In which our heroes open up a competing paranormal extermination business, buy some second hand proton packs and immediately cross the streams while wondering what New York did with all the ghosts before the Ghostbusters turned up? We discuss the transit responsibilities of Slimer, the government’s role in preventing possibly apocalypses, and the very real danger of warlocks. Jackson's not sure ghosts are a problem, Zammit is worried for his immortal soul, and Duscher just recently watched the film. So join the gang as they struggle to protect the world from something that might not even be a threat. Who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters. They have no kind of academic credibility.


March 26

Cheesy Action Movies

In which our heroes brace for impact, work on their catch phrases, fail to do cool-guy walks away from explosions and discuss cheesy action movies. We look at Whoopi Goldberg’s secret history with dinosaurs cops, the best 80s theme song and why anyone would use a hang-glider as a getaway vehicle. Jackson wants to know why bus drivers in real life never look like Sandra Bullock, Zoe ponders how effective segways would be in a chase sequence and special guest Nick Capper just wants a therapy sheep. So join the gang as they try desperately to reload their weapons in slow motion and refuse to work with anyone but Marlon Brando or the best chimp alternative. It’s loud, filled with cliches and you can bet there’ll be at least one montage.