February 23

Why is Hawkeye in the Avengers?

In which our heroes stand next to a literal god, cower behind a green behemoth and get inspired by the embodiment of the best of humanity while wondering why is Hawkeye in the Avengers? We try to figure out S.H.I.E.L.D's hiring policies, discuss a comic book PSA about bullying, and get all flustered thinking about Captain America. Jackson attempts to put together an All Olympic Avengers Initiative, Zammit wants to see Hawkeye become the new Spider-Man, Mr Sunday Movies points out Hawkeye the ineffectiveness of bows as a weapon, and Duscher just feels that Clint should go back to being a pretty good athlete. So let's all get together in the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier, try to be sympathetic and fire Hawkeye in the nicest way possible.


February 26


In which our heroes get let off the leash, run around the park some and get in trouble for rolling in something as they discuss dogs. We sigh in sadness as dogs break up the Beatles, cower in fear at a dog-run Russia, and ponder the effectiveness of corgis as weapons. Jackson has his taxes done by a rhinoceros, Tess owns the saddest penguin companions and Duscher just wishes his cheetah would stop asking about technology. It's a tail wagging, tongue lolling, flea-filled, fourth dog activity themed adventure, as two old dogs and one new dog refuse to learn new tricks and deliberately forget about some of their old ones.