Three chunky mates and their handsome, chiseled friend on a quest to become four handsome, chiseled friends. The Gym Friends. New episode every so often. Just like our gym schedule.

Four Day Split

Day 2 - Back

Lat pulldown 5 sets/10 reps

Pull ups 3 sets/as many as you can

Dumbbell single arm rows 3 sets/10 reps

Seated cable rows 5 sets/10 reps

Cable rope face pulls 4 sets/10 reps

Day 1 - Chest

Bench press 5 sets/10 reps

Incline bench press 4 sets/10 reps

Dumbell flyes 4 sets/10 reps

a) Bosu push-ups (flat side down)

a) Over headtricep dumbbell extensions 3 sets/10 reps

Tricep cable pulldowns 4 sets/12 reps

Day 4 - Legs

Warm up on bike 20 mins

Squats 5 sets/12 reps

Leg press 4 sets/12 reps

Walking lunges 5 sets/25 steps

Cool down on bike 15 mins

Day 3 - Shoulders

Standing military press 5 sets/10 reps

Seated dumbbell shoulder press 4 sets/12 reps

Dumbbell flyes (side raises) 4 sets/10 reps

a) bent over barbell rows (overhand grip)

a) plate front raises 4 sets/12 reps

Day 5 Bonus!

Warme up on bike 10 mins

3 sets: Push-ups x 3 Burpess x 5

5 sets: Barbell squat and press x12 then mountain climbers x 25

5 sets: Battle ropes x 30 seconds then Bosu crunches x15

4 sets: Push-ups on 1 dumbbell x 12 then Cable rope pulldowns x 12

4 sets: Chin ups underhand grip x max then Cable rope bicep curls x 10

5 sets: Froggies x Max