September 29

Is Obi-Wan Incompetent?

In which our heroes are orphaned on a desert planet, find a laser sword and boldly follow a strange old man on a misguided, ill-informed and incompetent journey into space. It's all things Obi-Wan as we look at his master plan of hiding Luke on Darth Vader’s home planet with Darth Vader’s last name with Darth Vader’s relatives in a house Darth Vader has definitely visited. Jackson proposes that Obi-Wan used up all his favours hiding Leia, Zammit questions how Hutts became the supreme rulers of the Outer Rim and Duscher just wants to know what Kit Fisto is up to these days. Join us in galaxy far, far away as we watch Obi-Wan give up and let Yoda deal with the consequences.

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September 25


In which our heroes pretend to floss daily and watch out for the silent killer; plague. It’s all things dental as we take an in depth look at teeth. Jackson is downright offended at the gangs blind hatred of soup, Zoe introduces us to the Lovecraftian horror that is Mountain Dew Mouth, and Duscher just wants to know why Hollywood demonises innocent dentists. Join the gang as they flash their pearly whites and get brushing. We’re moving from incisor to molar as we bite off more than we can chew and impart some wisdom before it’s forcibly removed with the help of some anesthetic and rusty pliers. It’s time for a deep clean but just don’t poke your uvula.

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Plumbing the Death Star

Season 2

Shut Up a Second

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