January 26

How Does Thor Get a Haircut?

In which our heroes sit down in the barbers chair, ask for braids and open an old copy of Journey into Mystery as we question how Thor gets his hair cut. We discuss Lex Luther’s hair envy, Ben Grim's little shorts and the all encompassing power of the Z-Men. Jackson gifts everyone with brilliant but irrelevant powers, Zammit is a fan of the sneaky mullet, and Duscher just wishes everyone would listen to his side-podcast: 'Naming Things.’ It’s an uncomfortable walk down the superhero runway as we all end up in bright lycra, fighting crime with our unmentionables clearly visible for all to see.


January 29

A Very 2013 Sanspants Valentine's Day

In which out heroes take a break from recording, spend a small amount of time with some loved ones and re-release our 2013 Valentines Day Special in an attempt to buy Duscher enough time to find himself a new lady and/or man for the big day. We discuss our worst valentines, make our opinion known on the issue of friendzoning, and decide the ideal amount of pubic hair. Jackson uses the phrase 'Kid Cancer', Zammit doesn't understand the point of roses, and EJ tries valiantly to defend herself. So gather up your significant other, curl up in front of the fireplace, and realise all too suddenly that this was a bad idea and you have no idea of what romance is.