August 25

Would Batman’s Parents be Proud of Him?

In which our heroes see how deep Bruce Wayne’s daddy issues really go. We take a close look at Batman’s life through the lens of his parents as we try to see if they would be proud of their baby boy. Revolutionary medical braces are kept behind locked doors as Batman is revealed to be the king of loopholes. Zammit can’t comprehend how a parent could be impressed of their son for faking their own death, Jackson argues that Thomas Wayne would rather the Penguin as a protege and Duscher just wants to know where the bill for the bat credit card goes. Join us for bad Michael Cain impressions, Martha Wayne chiding Bruce for not being Superman and Thomas Wayne as the saddest Riddler you’ll ever see.


August 28


In which out heroes break out of their shells and make some omelettes. In part two of our three part mini-series on the staples, we discuss the best part of a chicken that isn't it's breast, leg or thigh; eggs. We’re walking on eggshells as Jackson ponders what life would be like inside an egg, Zoe refuses to believe the Flinstones was anything other than a documentary and Duscher just wants some post-scrambled eggs. Join the gang as they misunderstand hunger, display a level of general incompetence in terms of egg handling that hasn’t been seen in years and finally leave you with an answer that has been plaguing mankind for eons; what came first, the chicken or the egg?
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Plumbing the Death Star

Season 2

Shut Up a Second

Season 3