March 2

Why Do Siths Take Apprentices?

In which our heroes succumb to the Dark Side, give into our anger and with each passing moment make ourselves more our master’s servant and almost immediately start plotting to overthrow him, which makes us wonder why do Siths even take apprentices. We discuss the Sith's lack of foresight, Anakin’s poor grasp of the English language, and Yoda's unfortunate swamp brain. Jackson needs all Star Wars explained through the Karate Kid, Zammit can't pronounce anything right, and Duscher just wishes he wasn't so sick. So join us as we decide to train up too many apprentices, go outside and check the force-tank, keep a weary eye on the outer rim and try not to get a lightsaber in our dicks.


February 26


In which our heroes get let off the leash, run around the park some and get in trouble for rolling in something as they discuss dogs. We sigh in sadness as dogs break up the Beatles, cower in fear at a dog-run Russia, and ponder the effectiveness of corgis as weapons. Jackson has his taxes done by a rhinoceros, Tess owns the saddest penguin companions and Duscher just wishes his cheetah would stop asking about technology. It's a tail wagging, tongue lolling, flea-filled, fourth dog activity themed adventure, as two old dogs and one new dog refuse to learn new tricks and deliberately forget about some of their old ones.