December 15

Why Hasn't Hogwarts Been Shut Down Yet?

In which our heroes avoid getting petrified by the basilisk, dodge the whomping willow, trip on some moving stairs and wonder why Hogwarts hasn’t been shut down. In this episode we look at the issues surrounding the tri-wizard tournament, the correct protocol when dealing with a murderous horse and try to outwit a boggart. Jackson wants to turn all his adversaries into cups, Zammit keeps getting Dumbledore confused with Voldemort and Duscher just wants to know why there’s a password to see the Headmaster. So join the gang as they lose 10 points by confronting the Great Evil but gain 100 for defeating said Great Evil. It’s nothing but mixed messages as every class is dismissed and every subject is passed on the whim of a crazy wizard.


December 11

A Very 2013 Sanspants Christmas

In which our heroes keep taking a break from recording, eat a whole Christmas ham, and re-release our 2013 Christmas Special in a vain effort to buy us more ham-time. In this episode we completely forget everything we learned about eggnog last Christmas, gift-shame, and explore the terror of pets as gifts. Jackson comes up with the greatest Christmas tradition, Marley reveals the dog-eat-dog nature of her family Christmas, Zammit doesn't understand childhood wonder, and Duscher just wants to comprehend Frosty the Snowman. Join the gang as they receive a gift of nuts, describe their perfect milkshakes, and kill animals in fear. Merry Christmas.